Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, and John Lennon Touching Each Other’s Private Parts
All you need is love, and some non-malicious groping.

So you meet a guy, and you like him. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy. Boy flatters girl with stupidly cheesy lines such as “Your eyes are so beautiful, they tell so many stories.”, “You are so beautiful” etc. Girl blushes and feels flattered. So, he has to go ‘see his friends’ after a few minutes of conversation and asks for your number. Girl gives him her number.
Guy takes girl out on a couple of dates, they get to know each other by asking questions about their childhood, likes/dislikes or whatever you people normally talk about on the first couple of dates. They seem to know each other reasonably well enough to test out the chemistry in the bedroom, right? So the cookie comes out of the oven and it’s ready to be eaten. Boy eats the cookie, asks for seconds (it was a really good batch) so girl gladly gives him a second helping. Boy goes home, but doesn’t call.

If a guy is cocky enough to pull those lines on you when you first meet, it’s more than likely that he is pulling those exact moves on another woman, trying to find a way with flattery to get into your pants. Sure it’s nice to hear that you’re beautiful or whatever, but in my books if a guy calls me such thing, I will immediately cross him off however if I am only looking for a little bit of fun, I won’t necessarily care what comes out of his mouth.

It really pisses me off that women are generally stereotyped to be easily ‘emotionally attached’. If you keep complimenting your girl, asking personal questions about her life, texting her good morning or whatever other ‘romantic’ crap, she’s going to develop feelings for you. Sometimes she won’t, but usually she does. Now when you put that much effort and time into a woman, she’s going to naturally assume that you like her and you’re not just looking to bed her. It’s not that we become easily emotionally attached, in fact I blame these men that treat us in such manner when they only want a bite of the cookie.

I hate these dating games. Why can’t we talk to each other when we want, how we want, where we want and say what we want. It would avoid a lot of heartache..

I want to

I want to pack my backpack, fix up my bicycle and go on a mini road trip.

I want to climb a mountain and set up a little base there and get away from technology for a few days.

I want to fall asleep on a beach breeze ridden hammock after reading a book about the wonders of life.


1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing


Lomography Film of the Day - Lomography CN 400
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Lisbon, Portugal (by felber)

Waterfall by Javier D. on Flickr.